We’re designing ADVOCATE! 2019 to provide interesting insights, combined with useful inspiration that will help you reinvigorate your organization’s advocacy efforts. If you need to convince your boss that attending ADVOCATE! 2019 will provide value, we’ve put put together a sample message below that can hopefully serve as a helpful starting point for your personalized message.

Sample Message

Dear [supervisor’s name],

I would like to attend ADVOCATE! 2019, Canada’s modern organizing conference being held in Calgary on November 15, 2019. This day-long event will feature high level keynotes on topics such as solutions journalism, new advocacy and organizing tools, as well as what makes advocacy campaigns effective. It will also have panel discussions (on advocacy success stories, and the unique perspectives of being advocated to) from expert practitioners, alongside other leaders who are trying to make their communities better through advocacy.

The event will be attended by over 200 top advocacy, marketing, policy, and stakeholder relations professionals, offering an unparalleled opportunity to discuss issues relating to advocacy, policy, and moving the needle on enhancing outcomes, all while learning about the newest and most effective strategies and tools.

From the reception, to the conference day and through the breaks, we will have several opportunities to interact, network, and be surrounded by like-minded participants from across North America. In other words, there will be plenty of opportunity to network with like-minded professionals!

Participation in this event will ensure we are getting the most from our investment in advocacy, policy, and marketing, in addition to networking and making invaluable contacts. It will also help us identify and apply cutting-edge solutions to current challenges.

I plan on spending my time identifying solutions and best practices to help drive the following initiatives:

• [add your project or initiative]

• [add your project or initiative]

• [add your project or initiative]

If given the opportunity to attend, I will submit a post-conference synopsis, including a set of recommended actions to further our work in the area of advocacy, marketing, and policy, and share relevant information with other staff members and departments.

Thank you for your kind consideration, and I look forward to your favorable response.